Wedding Entrance Songs

Choose Your Top Wedding Music Easily!

Finally! You're past the stage of "will he call?" or "does he like me?" - turns out, he is crazy in love with you, and now the planning for your wedding day can begin! When choosing what Wedding Entrance Songs to have in your ceremony with all the options available, often you can end up feeling more confused and freaked out than before you started! To help take away the stress, we've complied this website to assist with the planning of your wedding entrance songs and top wedding music.

Wedding Entrance Songs

First of all, be sure to check out our Top 10 Wedding Entrance Songs, we've put together a mix of new and old top wedding music, including the beautiful song featured in our YouTube Video (number 2 on our list). Next, think of all the songs you and your fiancé love - whether it be a song that you heard when you first started dating, or a special memory that comes back to you every time you hear a certain song playing on the radio.

A big time saver (if you've already chosen the theme of your wedding), is to match the music with your theme ie. bollywood wedding? bollywood music! ;)  If you're still stuck for ideas, what type of music do you both love? Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Hiphop - just because it's your wedding day, doesn't mean it has to be kept "traditional". There is no reason why you couldn't have a mix of classic and modern pieces in your day and just like a vintage car, your wedding music will never date.

After you've chosen what wedding entrance songs you want, the next thing to decide is if you want live or recorded music. There are benefits for both options. If you choose to have pre-recorded music you will save yourself a lot of cash, however if you're really set on having live music that doesn't mean you have to hire a full orchestra and be left wearing a paper bag down the aisle. Hiring a harpist, cellist or bagpiper won't break the bank, and can make such a difference to your wedding day.

When all is said and done, no matter what anyone else says is appropriate music or not, this is your day where you get to combine everything you love into one complete day! It doesn't matter what type of wedding entrance songs or wedding music you have - as long as you both love it, that's all that matters.

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